Theatre Play Act One


A theater performance that takes place in an apartment building, four apartments inhabited by four people who all live alone for various reasons

Six monologues that are linked together

                                 ACT 1

Apartment 1A

Set is  a small apartment where most things are still in moving boxes

One  woman is very distressed , because she can not find her things back.

We can see a kitchen table, two chairs…plants new roses /tulips/orchids in trays on the background on top of the sink. 

 One dirty kitchen machine  shopping bags bottles  boxes on the floor a total mess.

During the monologues she is unpacking boxes and talking to the audience

Sitting at the kitchen table * woman looks at the audience with a speaks

 with a sarcastic voice *

What a great day , this is it ,My new house, you like it ? come on be honest don’t be shy

 Nothing to say  Yeah i thought so. * she looks around the kitchen*

 This … this is my new beginning, my new life, my new everything! *sarcastic voice*

 Yeah i’m so happy right now  can’t you see?

Listen I hope you don’t mind all these boxes , I still have a lot of unpacking to do it’s a mess I know …… 

Aim just ….. I am just too tired right now.

The Woman stands up, picks up a heavy box and with all her strength puts the box on the kitchen table  she opens the box and she grabs a book and sits down again.

She starts reading a bit , and then starts looking for a  certain page *

Here it is you know what this is? *facing the audience and keeping the book up*

Yes you right it is it’s a dictionary  *softly voice * a stupid dictionary  i remember I bought this for her she needed one for school 

Woman desperately looking around now and keeps speaking softly , she is not here not today.

I saw her this morning. She  was helping me and she took  all the garbage bags full of clothes from upstairs ,and  you what ?every time  she went up and down the stairs with one or two bags and threw them in the truck , she was yelling another one.

 she was really helping me. She is amazing. I could not do this alone .. really.

*With A voice full of anger*  And you know what! she doesn’t understand. She just doesn’t understand ……my angel. 

 And me ? I Am  trying to act normal when I am with her, you know… like this is a normal thing  and these things happen and there’s nothing I can do to change this .

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