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For me book reviews are short sweet and simple 

Let start with * The great Gatsby*

It’s getting  some use  to read the words but when you are in the story 

You will finish it in one session, it is impossible to put it away.

Now that for me is a good book. 

I recommend this book for everybody

Well let me just put like this…….

It doesn’t matter how many books you read , if you didn’t read

The Great Gatsby

You didn’t read anything, period!

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I like to be unorthodox so my next short review is not about book , but its a magazine
And it’s called Jerry Cotton
Between 18 and 22 years old I discover Jerry Cotton , and I could not wait to go very week to the little shop around the corner buy some cigars and beer for my dad and my
Jerry Cotton magazine.
Before my father finished his beer and cigars I’d already finished that week’s edition.
Somehow i outgrew these stories , but i can tell you this ,
it’s a perfect 1 hour escape from reality.

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Irving Wallace The Fanclub
I read this book when i was about 16 years old
Despite the despicable plot It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read
I can tell you this Irving wallace is a great novelist , who wrote amazing books
And of course for a 16 year old boy to read those explicit sex scenes that left a great impact on me , but as more as you read further and further into the story , beside the sex and violence in almost poetic details its amazingly good written and I read and finish this book in two sessions.
So maybe not for the faint hearted but definitely one of the best novels out their
An also because of twisted end plot I knew this is how i want my readers to feel
Surprised and and say ~Damned i didn’t see that coming

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The Evenings 

Author /Gerard  Reve

As you now by now I don’t write your typical book review

This book is a perfect book to read and for anybody out there who wants become a writer , don’t read this on , its like you start to play the guitar , and one day you listen to

 Jimmy Hendrix , and then all you wanna do  is smash

your new guitar to the wall,

because that is the moment you realise you will never be as good as that.

And that’s is the same with this book 

One main character in ten chapters reliving ten nights ,  described into the finest details from his mind upon his environment.

This one of the Dutch Best writers  and considered by the so called 

book elite , *who  normally I despi* maybe one of the world best writers

 and after reading this book many times  in the last of my reading y years

I for once agree with them 100%

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