Part 1 Imaginary friend

Part 1 No escape

How did I end up here ? if i would tell you that you would not believe me , and besides it’s not like i want to tell you this because Iam not crazy,no matter what people say about me I’m not crazy .

There was this guy who told the police I heard voices in my head but that is not true because i know if you hear voices in your head , yeah you are definitely crazy.

I Knew some people long time ago fuck ups like me they went trough so many shit in their lives those where the real crazy ones , but …. They are outside and me … i am here inside locked up  forever and ever and ever and ever ,can not stop thinking of that song , forever and ever can not stop changing the words of the song , forever and ever i will be inside can not stop singing in my mind .

In 46 minutes and 13 seconds my door will open , and this huge guy will stare at me and watch me take my pills , my pills they say it will relax me and it does i have no energy anymore so tired all day , but i can stop singing in my mind , i have to sing if i stop he is coming back noooo not that big guy  my friend , my friend who is always with me ever since I Am 8 years old , i haven’t told nobody  about him , well that’s a not entirely true , i told my lawyer  once  and when i told him he looked at me with this strange look in his eyes and than he advice not to tell anybody about my friend, it would not help my case , people or the judge might think I’m crazy.

But the weird part also my friend told me to shut up about him so i did and now i ended up here

You see I can tell you now who my friend is , he lives in my mind so nobody can see him but he is always there.

 you see my friend  is my best friend he really doesn’t exist he only lives in my mind  i talk to him in the same way Iam talking to you  like know , it’s not like you can hear me talking or screaming to him , but i think i’ve made him angry with me I’ve crossed the line from sane to sanity .

I asked him a simple question: what shall I do?

He told me he would agree with me on everything , we made a pact friends forever.

And then i’ve got into trouble met some bad people, my friend kept saying are you sure you want to do this are you sure , and one night i was drunk and i screamed to him  go away go fuck yousrelf , i still could see his eyes how he looked at me with anger and disappointment 

For one moment just one moment I knew i went to far , and then something happens i blacked out  and when i woke up I was here chain to the bed 

But i know I didn’t do it, it was him, it was him How he did it ?

He took over my body  yeah  I know thats sounds crazy but I told you I’m not crazy 

Forever and ever i will always  be …….inside

To be continued 

Change or end this anyway you want

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