Here at writer Adventures you have the unique
opportunity to finish your book/novel now with the help of thousands of book reader

Established in June of 2010, Writer Adventures is a blog focusing on the beautiful world of writing
Writing is an adventure ,when you start you almost never know where you end.
And that is a problem for many writers a so called ~writers block~
Here you can get advice on developing your characters so that they will gain more depth
Help on plot development
Help on dialogue
And help on the finishing part of your book

Writers Block

How does it work
For example
You have an idea for a novel , but you don’t know how to start.
Put your idea here on Writers adventure and ask for help
Your readers will write a beginning for you.
You decide which beginning to use or to combine diffrent beginnings
In fact you can actually complete your book here together with a selective amount of readers/writers.
In that case your idea can go into any direction you did not think of your self before.
The main goal is on Writer Adventure to help you transform and complete your idea into a book
With a beginning a middle a plot and a surprising end

Finish your first novel now
Lets write a book together
With 2/4/20 writers working on the same material with only one goal
A publish book , let us know if you want to be a writer a contributor
an editor or just a book reading lover with ideas
Contact us by using our contact form an we will give you access so you can uoload your idead or parts
Experience now all aspects of writing a book

Use the contact form to get access to all Ideas and Unfinished stories
And start co -writing in anyway you want

So about copyright……..
No parts or any media on writeradventures can be used or reproduced without written permission of Writeradventures

O another thing don’t get bothered by the grammar errors.

I  like to see them as uncut gems and rough diamonds to be …..

So  don’t worry at home in my old safe I do have all the correct Spelled versions

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