Writeradventures a pseudonym for Coenraad a Dutch guy who for unexplained and somehow mystical reasons thinks and writes in English and living for many years in sunny Spain that’s the reason that a lot of his stories have also a Spanish edition

But Iam A cliche that became true
I’m a tormented novelist and when I hit the famous Writers block
I will escape to write inspiring but for all strange short stories with an ending you didn’t expect
I will write about human interactions Drama,Desperation,Comedy, and even some slices of fantasy and Horror
And every now and then my characters end up like you an me
What if …………..
My Novels are continuously developing new story lines and they will be published soon
In the mean time keep reading my short stories
If you like short stories and
If you like Comedy Horror Drama and that all in one short story
Then I suggest start reading here.
Short stories that will make you think twice or even more
Do these things I write about really happen in,real life?
Well let me tell you this,real life is more unexpected and more stranger than you can imagine.
Real people like you and me we all have a dark side hidden inside
Find and read here short stories with a twisted plot and a surprising Ending
It’s Fiction/NonFiction and sometimes even Biographical
I will let you decide what is what.
And remember all my characters they where just at the wrong place at the wrong time
What would you do?
What if……….

Writers Block

My Novels are continuously developing new story lines and they will be published soon
In the mean time keep reading my short stories

Read my complete stories here

Preview soon to be published
Who Killed me
The beginning
That’s is a question I like to see answered
So yes before you start thinking , what kind of question is this ?
I can tell you, when you read this I Am dead deceased as they put it in a nice way.
The only thing I’m certain of ,it was not voluntary and I was only forty when it happened
It happened on my birthday so that’s it, that’s what I know.
So now you are wondering how did I know I would get killed?
Well that’s a good question……………..

Preview Soon to be published
Rich men troubles
I saw his hand sliding in his pocket and he took out a little plastic tube
He took the tube and placed it on the tray next to the coffee .
He tapped with the tube on the tray and when he was finished
I could see two small white lines of colombians finest coke.
After all it was my birthday today ……

As you all know by now being a writer of fiction you can not escape the King of short stories Stephen King
And again if you read his #1 New York Times Bestseller book
Billy summers you know why they call him the Short King
Have a look and read why he is my all time Heroe

Snippets of short Stories

So about copyright……..
No parts or any media on writeradventures can be used or reproduced without written permission of Writeradventures

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