Part 2 Imaginary friend

It’s your fault

So let me clarify some things here , I’m not a real person ,

 I am somebody you want me to be in your imagination.

Now I Am an Imaginary friend for as long as I can remember. I think the first time i’ve appear 

Was about 100 years ago and ever since  I’ve been a woman, a man and a child  and i met some strange people during that time , and about the last one that guy who is now locked up forever , he had that coming his whole life was just a path of destruction , not saying I don’t fell sorry for the guy I mean he is or now he was my best friend, but he crossed the line, he ask me to do things , and i told him don’t do that men  that’s not the reason i exist in your world or in your mind.

Alcohol abuse all life excuses you can give the poor guy , but finally he made a choice he crossed the line by inviting me into his world, and seriously when you are an imaginary friend you know how many changes you have to slip into the real world ?

Almost never I mean this was the third time i went over and i’ve been a friend for hundreds  of people .

Anyway the last one this guy, knew what was coming to him , he had a choice , but instead he decided to use me ,big mistake.

Let me tell you boring  sad and strange stories I had to listen  to from this guy , and it’s not like a few times  I mean this guy just could not stop talking to me.

To be continued

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