Part 1 A 1000 Year

Hi Don 

I like to invite you to a dinner party at my house. 

I know this could be a bit strange for you , because after all we do not have much contact , we see each other at work  with colleagues and that’s basically it.

But I do have to tell you that I admire your work and I do respect the way you conduct discussions on complicated matters.

It will be an informal dinner party with some friends and other colleagues.

I can tell you it will also be a farewell dinner , because i’ve decided to move on .

For reasons I can not disclose yet at this moment , but I can promise That i will be needing your expertise and help to lead the coming discussions in a good manner.

Now  if this doesn’t sound strange enough for you , i can also say we will do the cooking yourself, don’t worry I will take care of all the food , just bring a good bottle of wine and we all can have a nice and calm dinner .

I would really appreciated if you can come like i said before , I’m gonna move and i would to tell  and explain to you guys, why


To be continued

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