Who and what is Writers Adventures?

Well that’s a good question 

Who am I ?

Who is writers adventures 

Well i’m not gonna tell you that , at least not right away  because that would take away the surprise

I like to consider myself as a book 

I have a beginning

I have a plot 

And of course i have an end 

I can  you tell this for now, I’ve been writing for years and i have stop writing for years

For many years i’ve tried to write the next bestseller the book everybody would talk about 

Problem is i have ideas to write at least 7 of those books but somehow it just didn’t happen

And of course i’ve use all the writers excuses  , no time no inspiration other things come along

But there is that thing inside me from day one i started to write , i knew i could not escape from it , and the writing itch was with me forever 

I like short stories  small fast surprising and it leaves with an  *o wow why didn’t i think of that* 

Stories from stephen king or my favorite Ronald Dahl

I see my life as a short story , if you think of it ,

 why invent plots while you can use your own life story , in everybody  life  there are moments of  *why didn’t i think of that*

And it’s true no matter how good your  next plot is , it can never beat real life experiences

So novel writers who write about things and who actually experience some of those things in real life those for me are the best books  to read.

It doesn’t have to be  an autobiography but things and plots readers can relate to .

Iam now at the age where I can stand and resist comments on my hobby , because writing for me is still a hobby , i am not rich and famous so i don’t have to write and fulfil my readers expectations, i can basically write what i want.

I also come to terms with that my characters from one book appear in other stories not by name but by thoughts. At first it was annoying for me but now I know  its destination, so be it.

So i will take my foot of the brake and just type whatever i want , ever since  then my writing gets better and better , maybe not he pulitzer or nobel prize yet but for  a much more valuable price than that 

A price called *The end*

And that’s what it all about  *The End*  to finally  finish the story you want to tell.

The Godfather part 4

To write the next blog or essay or whatever you want to call it.

Let start with saying I wish i could caption this topic in one sentence 

It would look like this *The Godfather part 4*

Let me enlightening you on some thoughts i had about 18 years ago 

Yes I Am gonna write my next novel the finishing part of the Godfather trilogy

Now before you jump out of your online chairs and start screaming and insulting go F.U. self

I’m not pretending to be Mario Puzo I’m not pretending I can write so good, so majestic, so incredible but………

After i watch for the first time Godfather 3 and i saw Andy Garcia kissing the hand of Michael

I could actually see in my mind all the things he would have encountered and deal with it .

And I mean that  a big compliment for the actor , not only perfectly cast but his acting qualities deserves a lot more in this franchise than only that last scene.

Now I’m probably one of the biggest Godfather Book/Movie lovers out there

 I can not tell you how many times is read the book or how many times i saw the movie somewhere and somehow i lost track of counting

So concluding after almost 2o years of brainstorming with this idea in my head 

I came up with some options 

Option 1

I just gonna write a book The Godfather part 4

Developing further Garcia part and his struggles to stay alive and keep the family growing into legit business.

Now here comes the first problem i encounter Garcia with all respect is old now 

And when he became Godfather he was a young man, so if i would start writing this it would be from the perspective of a n old man looking back on his life.

I didn’t like that idea , if i would choose to keep writing where the movie ended , i could not use Garcia as main character, because i just could not visualize the writing .

And that for me is important, visualizing what I write helps me to develop characters .

So on to 

Option 2

So option 2 at this moment in my life is my favorite option but not yet 100%

So a story about a failed writer who starts to write Godfather 4 

And at the same time try to sell the manuscript in Hollywood while everybody cast him out for this idea he is still determined to write and finish this story

Now for this idea i can only think , this must be written in a Harold Robbins style.

Option 3

Ok here it comes  option 3  a television serie  The Godfather this for me is desecrating the whole institute  where the Godfather trilogy stands for.

But we live in moderns times and more and more movies get a spin of on television 

 A serie will open so much more opportunities to develop and play with characters 

It would be interesting to see Garcia as an old man as an old Godfather looking back on his completed successful mission to bring the family 100% into legit business.

Of Course you can not use Garcia  as a young men at least not in the serie,

 in, the book no problem

Now this quest in my writer’s mind is not over yet but I do have to confess for all 3 options I already started to write some parts , and knowing myself it probably could end up a combination of all 3 option , because i like to make things complicated for me, to create a chaos in my mind until i feel i’m on the right track

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