Imaginary friend

Category/Suspense/need story line

Author/Copyright Writers Adventures

Who Am I

I don’t think thats the right question to ask me 

It should be more like  *what are you 

Well let me tell you this I Am however you want me to be , clear now?

MMM no ? ok I’m your friend in happy times in sad times when you are in distress

When you’re desperate, when you feel alone or when you just have a daydream .

I’m your personal imaginary friend  at the time you most need one.

I will be there for a moment. I will be there all your life. You decide how long I will stay.

But if I feel you’re not sincere with me  I will leave and ten you are on your own, alone again.

So be careful if you call me i can be nice and i can mean i can be evil but most important .

I can be your friend

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