My top 10

Write down your favourite top 10 books


Hans Hellmut Kirst 08/15

The only world war 2 novel where you actually sympathies with the German soldiers

Asher -Vierbein Schulz Kowalski must been 15 years ago i read this novel the last time but it takes back memories and I can visualize the whole book in my mind definitely one of the best books I have ever read

And I read this book the first time when I was only 12 years old


Not one but all Harold Robbins books

I Started reading Harold Robbins at age of 14

For some of you not the right age to do so

For me a new world open the rich and famous sex betrayal suspense and amazing plot development

I can not mention one favorite book I like them all to much


Not one but all Mario Puzo books

I started reading Mario Puzo at age of 14, the same as Harold Robins

The reason for that at age 13/14 my father rebuild his private library

No more locks on the caskets and boxes, but now all his books in plain sight in the living room  hundreds of them every great writer was there.

Mario Puzo I can only say if you never read a book of Mario Puzo , you don’t know what writing is all about ,maybe he is the number one writer for me , amazing writing style , I have been trying to copy that style for many years, and finally give up on that it is just not possible

The guy writes to good to be copied


Fritz Woss Stalingrad: Dogs, Do You Want to Live Forever?

Probably for the most of you an unknown writer

But if you read this book I promise you at the end of the book you will be 100% anti war

A book describes the beast in every man and woman in war time

The best and good prevel side by side with only goal , to survive 

The scene written , in a train where the main character has to divide the bread for all the other soldiers and  then his hunger feeling takes over

It’s a scene where you learn , if he didn’t steal the bread he would probably die right there in that train

Also this book could be on number one for me.


Jan Wolkers Turks Fruit

A dutch book and a famous dutch movie inspired on the book

Jan wolkers one the best dutch writers ever his writing style is recognizable for everybody, it’s not for nothing that even today his books are mandatory to read in highschools in the Netherlands.

This book is famous on the amount of sex , but Jan Wolkers proved later on that he was a master in writing and poetry.

And when you hear the man talking passion about the little things in life

you could only wish , that you knew him in person it was a sad day when he passed away he was a good men


Breyten Breytenbach Lady One, Cape Town, 2000

Poems and poetry not really my kind of reading ,until I discovered Breytenbach learn his history  the history of his country 

Apartheid discrimination  police brutality and than out of that those beautiful  poems where born

Also i have to confess in that time i did had a girlfriend who lived in Pretoria so my interest in the country was also personally based ,but through here I read some great books about Mandela Steve Biko

Apartheid a piece of human history we should not forget  ever!

And for me Breyten Breytenbach is  a man who suffered so much it almost no wonder he almost destined to write such beautiful things 


2 writers actually 3 Not one but all Ed McBain books

Not one but all /Per Wahloo and Maj Sjowall  Martin Beck books

Police novels

There are so many of them

But Ed mcBain stories reflects a time that if you read it you see it

87th Precinct i could se and smell the building as i was reading , i can not pick any favorite the all good really good

Now this is the American style however their a Swedish style 

Per Wahloo and Maj Sjowall  Martin Beck series 

The same with mcBain the writing style is amazing and captive , you just can not stop reading , in both series the stories are one but ingeniously connected with the other books 

There are no better detective books written ever than these ones 


Tolkien The Lord of the Rings

So on this site you can find a forum and the first question is

Can a movie be better than the original book?

I consider myself a book reader so my answer logicly would be NO

Until i saw the movie Lord of the rings 

And i can tell you it comes close frighteningly close to the book

The characters in the movie were already in my mind when I read the book for the first time  years and years before the movie came out. That’s scary,like Peter Jackson had a look in my mind.

One  amazing book to read and a amazing movie to watch


Mark Twain Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn

Brings back happy childhood memories

when I read the book  the first time I just wanted to run from home go to the fields and start with adventures 

I even went to the river in my hometown at the age of 11 to see and find a cabin to live in , yeah books can play strange tricks on your mind 

Despite all the controversial dialogues surrounding this book it is still a masterpiece of writing that you should read.

To discuss this topic in more detail I refer you to our Forum page


F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby

This is a book I read probably 25 times

That doesn’t need any more explanation

F. Scott Fitzgerald is one the greatest writers ever.


So number 11 I will leave open

because there are so many good books i’ve have been reading , i do not want to disrespect any of those writers, because in in the back of my head the all all could make the previous 10 numbers