Here you can watch Raw and New Theatre talent


But also amateur and even professionals will act to impress

Actors giving their best performance on a

Monologue or a Dialogue

Rate them on their performance

Give feedback to the actor

Or contact them for your next play

Post Productions 2020/2021

Never promised you a rosegarden

A Theatre play of three different monologues

who are all connected with eachother

The Dialogue Writer

A Dialogue writer is hired by movie stars to improve their script

But struggles with the insecure and low self esteem behaviour of those same movie stars

For each play three parts are being currently produced and preformed and will be online soon

For more info on T.O.L. Theatre online


Play and upload an existing Theater play role now
For example Othello Shakespeare Cervantes
and let others see your impression of this role
Or play an improvised piece written by yourself
and surprise us with your Theater acting art
Or let Writeradventures write a piece especially for you
Show the world* You are the next talent in the spotlights*
We believe from 16 to 100 years old everyone has a
Theatre actor in them so !Don’t be shy!
And who knows which Theater producer is watching you
looking for the next star on his stage

You see a play or part you like

But you think you can do it better ?

Upload your impression and let our viewers decide

The impression with the most golden stars will receive T.O.L. award

Go to T.O.L.

To find out more


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