Sneak Preview

DIALOGUE Rich Part 1 & Storyline

The Son
I woke up to the cracking sound the wooden floor made , I knew x was here in the room , but I could not open my eyes , I heard him setting the tray with breakfast on the table next to the bed
Thanks x can you give me something ?, I just mumbled my words. I have a splitting headache. I think I’m gonna be sick.
With stil my eyes closed , I could hear his voice saying
sick? I do not think you’re sick, I think you might just experience a typical hangover.
Oh X now it’s not the time to talk like an Ingles butler , I need something to wake up , I have a meeting with my father today , and I don’t want him to see me like this.
I will get downstairs and get you some aspirin you will feel better then.
Noo i dont want aspirin you what I want , give me some please
I could see now X staring at me with this typical look in his eyes of an intense look . I saw that look many times before in the last year but I pretended not to care .
Are you sure you want this? He asked me yes i am sure just give me something , a little bit see it as my birthday present.
I almost forgot today my birthday sixteen years old I’ve finished school last week and looking for universities , but I already made up my mind no more school for me , I want to go out their the real world make some money my own money.
I turned over on my side i could see my breakfast orange juice ice cold and one shining red apple, next to the apple two white lines of the finest colombian cocaine, exactly what I needed now to clear my head , because also I knew my father would not like my deccion
But I did not care this was my day, my day to leave this house and especially to leave my father and his control over me .
I took a zip of the orange juice used my own zilver straw felt the cocain going up and smoothly explode in my brain, now i was ready to confront my father and ready to confront the world
Today my new life would start i was convinced of that nothing could go wrong nothing

DIALOGUE Rich Part 2 & Storyline
The Father
The earliest memory I had from my childhood is that I woke up in a big bright white light and red blue fire truck on my chest.
I didn’t remember how i got here only that my throat hurt, and then like in a movie a woman’s face appear in that white light , i could see here mouth moving she was saying something
But i could not talk , i started to panic i wanted to say , where Am i , but i just could not do it
I felt she picked up my hand and put something cold inside , and then she pushed my hand to my mouth .
I was something cold ice cold against my lips , I looked down a bit and I saw I had a big chocolate ice cream in my hand. I started to lick it , it was, even until today the best ice cream I ever had ,by every lick I took I felt the pain in my throat less
Now i could see her face again smiling at me and saying your gonna be ok handsome
Then she turned away again
And when my was getting use to the light
I could see my parents talking to her a nurse , at that moment i realize i was in a hospital
I started to look around it was a big room my bed next to the window a big tv on the wall
No other beds I was the only one
I saw parents sitting on a sofa arguing about something ,
I could see my mother was clearly upset about something.
I saw my father getting up and walking to the door , before he opened the door he turned around, looked at me and threw me a hand kiss.
I waved back to him with my icecream in one hand and my fire truck in the other
I Never forgot this memorie it was a snowy night in 1970

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