Hamlet night out

Preview Monloque
So let’s take Hamlet on a night out in town
Fill him up with some cocktails and a shot of modernity

It told me I was not ready yet
I didn’t become the man I wanted to be
Or I needed to Be
Or what they expected for me
to Be
Successful in relationships and deeds
Confronting and trying the same time to tame the demons inside
Trying to prove them all wrong all of them
To Be …me
But my fight was useless
I didn’t make it
I’m afraid to say
Pain like a thousand knives stuck in my flesh
All I wanted
To sleep
And not to Be
But enduring pain
over and over and over again
Makes you stronger
And now I feel I was ready
To Be
So watch out
I will be their
And If you see a man
Telling you
You not ready to Be
Tell him about the hardship
The tears
And prey
He has mercy on your haunted soul
So you will be ready
like me
To Be

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Copyright Coenraad

More scripts available on T.O.L.


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