T.O.L. Theatre online



Theatre online

Watch here for New and Unknown Theatre plays

In these difficult times for theaters

Actors have been without work for months not being able to express their creativity 

Here at Writeradventures New and Unknown plays are being performed that you can view online from your own home

For now only OnDemand  plays are possible  later also Live Streaming will be added

How does  itwork ?

Go to the T.O.L page

Choose a play you want so see click on watch

 and you will receive  automatically the password to watch

Pay just a small fee to support the actors performances  online

And enjoy A theatre play  from home 


Currently Theatre Online is seeking for stage actors worldwide  for the following plays 

Never promised you a Rose Garden

The Dialogue writer 

Pieces of these plays have been published on Writeradventures

If you think you can perform one of these roles?

Send a mail to Writeradventures@gmail.com

Requirements to participate as an actor

Experience*desirable*But definitely not A must.

We like to see new raw talent

A video camera with high resolution to record your part.

Passion for Theatre and especially Monologues.

We are looking for Theatre actors or wanna be Theatre actors from all over the world.

Age Colour Sex Religion we dont care,you think you can impress the world with your part?

Send us a mail ?


And let us know in what part you are interested

Also in this mail mail you read all about copyright fees and other important stuff for you.

So let’s do this The world is waiting to see you preform

T.O.L conceptual Idea and format is copyright and IP Intellectual Property protected

 by Writeradventures

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