Short story, Rock in Hell

When a rock-star makes a deal with the devil for fame and fortune,

he finds out the deal already exist

Chapter One

My love

After nine months of hard work finally it was finished my opus dei my best album ever

I just knew every song on this album could be a number one worldwide .

And I did it all in Ingles .

I had to take English lessons for that for almost a year , but it was worth it , no more accent

if you would hear me now . my voice sounded like I was born and raised in the USA.

A new rock album with a sauce of blues, this album would put me right back at the top of

The billboards.

It was so emotional I cried when I sang the last notes , and I could see my wife watching behind the glass in my private recording studio. I knew I had to make things better. and I knew I was a big ass hole in the last year ,not only for her , but almost for everybody around me.

But this dream that I had to be number one again, I would let nobody come in the way of that.

This album was my baby , I wrote the music , I wrote the words and I composed it all my baby.

It was all my work, and when you work hard there comes a time you have to pay the price.

And I knew losing my marriage was not a price I wanted to pay, so I already told her, If it is a success I will do only a small tour . no more years of touring, and I would bring her along with me, so we would be together on this tour, I already knew it would be then a magical tour.

I could see the headlines of the biggest theatres in the world with only two words , Sold Out.

And now I stood here in my garage blindfolded, I heard her whisper not yet , not yet

I was feeling kind of nervous. I didn’t know what to expect, Ok you can take it off now .

I took the blindfold of , and when my eyes where getting use to the lights I saw it.

My other dream.

A brand new Kawasaki Ninja mother one of the fasted bikes on the world

I screamd Yes , that’s my baby, I didn’t know what to say to hear, instead I just sat down on the bike and cried . I cried my heart out, all the intense moments, all the hard work all the fights , everything came out at that moment .

Do you like it ? she said

Oh baby this is amazing this is the one I wanted come here I wanna kiss you. I took her in my arms and pulled her up the motor as she sat in front of me , I started to kiss her , and whispered in her ears , I know what I did

I know, I know , but I promise you ,no more this was the last one.

And I want you to come on tour with me , we will be together, it will be fun

You me and the guys , come on , let’s do this , only three months on the tour bus with us.

You promise me you’re gonna change?

Yes baby of course you’re the best thing that ever happened to me

and I could not do all of this without you.

Ok I will go with you , besides somebody has to keep all those beautiful girls away from you.  

and I can play the bad and jealous wife for that.

I just laugh at her , yes you do that because all I want to do now is sing my new songs, but at the same time I thought , It’s gonna be different now,

I should inform the guys before we go. no sex drugs and rock and roll on this tour,

I had my wife here beside me, they would not like this but what the hell Iam the boss and I paid the salary’s here.

You gonna ride it today ? she asked

Oh yes let me change and then I will take this baby out for a spin.

Be careful honey I don’t want you to get hurt.

Don’t worry baby I know how to handle this thing,

i’ll be back in an hour or so.

If you want call the guys later and make some dinner reservations ?

Then I’m gonna tell them, we are going on tour again, and that you will come with us.

Chapter two

The deal

When I started the engine a raw and loud noise came alive I could feel the motor vibrating throughout my whole body , Oh yes I thought, this is it, lets see how fast this beast can go.

I drove slowly through the gate and when I looked around I could see my wife standing

in front of the house , I loved her so much for giving me this.

Finally I reach a road where I knew not a lot of traffic would come , especially not on a Sunday morning, so I accelerate faster and faster

I could feel my head being pulled to the back , I was now almost lying with my face on the steering wheel , I never ever went so fast  

More than 330 kilometre an hour I did now , and then out of nowhere a black cat crossed the road , I moved the wheel a bit to the left , and then there it was, the only three on the side of this road.

I didn’t feel anything I crashed so hard into the three, that it broke in two pieces, and all I could think of ,was my wife standing in front of the house with a sad face.

This is it ,the end no more shows no more screaming girls no more parties, no meer feeling like a fucking king or a rock star , in one bang it was all gone, and I wanted it back,

I didn’t want to die here on the cold street, I had so many things to do, sing my new songs,

get more richer , and then came this strange white light,

the white tunnel I thought Here I go to heaven

I could open my eyes, and next to me on the street was sitting the most beautiful woman I ever seen,.
Oh yes I’m in heaven now I thought , I could see her bend over and she kissed me on the mouth

Hey handsome how are you feeling today? and don’t worry your not in heaven at least not yet

What is this? who are you?

Who I Am ? what do you think? I can tell you that I Am not god, and I also can tell you this you don’t look so good , my guess is that you are dead.

Dead? I don’t want to be dead.

Well handsome than today is your lucky day

How do you mean ? who are you?

I’m the one you boring people call when they don’t want to die. I Am the one who can make your life complete, and Iam the one who can give you what you want.

I don’t want to die please help me .

Ok listen here is how this works , I will give you forever and ever fame and fortune

You will be famous for the rest of your life , you will be the greatest rock star that ever lived , and all I want in return is your soul.

My soul?

yes your soul and don’t think too much of it , you and me know,

it’s nor like you have a virgin soul, we both know what you have been doing in the last years. 

How do I know you can give me this ?

Ok handsome that’s a fair question why don’t you close your eyes, and when you wake up you will have your answer.

At that moment a warm feeling entered my body and I came overwhelmed with tiredness

I just could not keep my eyes open anymore, I go to sleep and will never wake up again .

Chapter Three

The Awakening

When I opened my eyes, the thirst thing I heard was people screaming, they were screaming my name over and over again .

I could hear music it was an intro music I wrote for the new album, I could see now

I was standing next to a big stage and my band was playing , there was so much smoke on stage I could not see their faces, but I could hear the music and , my music ,I walked onto the stage and heard the crowd going crazy and shouting my name, again and again.

I played our first song It was like magic was happening, by every note I played the people went more crazy, I was home, this was my home I was destined to do this, I was a rock star 

And when the last note faded away, I knew this was my best performance ever, it could not be better, this was the perfect song .

I bowed my head to the audience. I wanted to show them my love for them, I gave a signal to the light man to turn on the audience light. I wanted to see my fans, the fans who loved and supported me for all those years.

And when the lights went on , and the stage lights went off I could see them.

Thirst thing I saw they were so beautiful, every woman in the front seats,and all the seats behind,all of them so beautiful, blond ones black ones

even the men they looked like photo models.

And when the light went brighter I started to see something strange, their faces began to change. It looked like they were getting older and older, until finally their faces were nothing more than a skull and their bodys only bones, but still screaming and clapping.

They were all dead.

I turned around and looked at the side of the stage , and there she was, the same beautiful woman who was sitting next to me on the street when I was dying.

I walked up to her and screamed what have you done? where am I?

You know where you are ,this is what you wanted ? fame, sold out concerts,

and look it is full , and I can guarantee you, every concert you will do,

it will be a full house, thousands ten thousands of souls will come here from all over the world just to hear you sing

You will be famous forever and ever until eternally

Exactly what you always wanted and what you asked me.

No, I don’t want this. I wanna go back to the real world , to my wife , my normal life.

Your normal life ?your wife? MMM I think than we have a problem here,

that’s just not possible anymore.

Why not ? then let me just die, you lied to me.

Of-course I lied Iam the devil, but I gave you exactly what you wanted and besides I can not let you go anymore  

I sold out your concerts for a long long long time time.

But you don’t have my soul , so the deal is not valid.

Oh handsome I already have your soul for a long time

What do you mean I don’t understand what you are saying.

Listen and listen good because I am gonna tell you this only one time

Remember last year when you were on tour in the summer , and your wife was staying with her sister?

Yes I do why?

You really don’t know ? If you were not so blind and stupid maybe just maybe you would not be here today.

Your wife was not with her sister , your wife was in the hospital she tried to kill herself.

Why do you tell me this , this is not true.

Oh handsome you better believe it’s true, she swallowed a whole package of sleeping pills.

and while she was lying on the bedroom floor it happened , she felt regret for what she did and then she didn’t want to die anymore

It’s always the same with you boring little people you can not even finish

a good and clean suicide .

And you know what happen to people who commit suicide?

Yes? they don’t go to heaven

So I made her a deal , a life full of happiness and rich really filthy rich.

And I did not want her soul for that , so I told her what I wanted ,and the deal was made just like that .

I don’t understand what you are saying , my wife she is dead ?

No handsome your wife’s new life starts today , you know what happens when a famous artist dies, they sell even more records , all that money now for your wife , I told you ,filthy rich.

But I’m gone so she is not happy, without me, what did you do to her?.

what did I do? I just showed her the truth about you , the drugs the sex the woman all those years of lying and cheating to her to your friends and your family I showed her what a bad person you really are , I showed her the real you.

And then I told her , give me his soul and I will give you what you really want . like I said Handsome,this was an easy deal for me.

After that, all she had do was to create an opportunity for me , and with your obsession for fast motors,

it was just a matter of time , you and I would meet.

So there you have it, today is the day you paid the price.

But one thing or no two things should make you feel better right now

you wife is happy again 

and you, you are a famous rockstar forever and ever.

So when you go back on stage now and sing your next song all thats is left to say is

welcome to my world welcome to hell


Copyright Writeradventures

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